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Scoot Airways, Singapore (SIA) has launched its new long haul budget carrier, Scoot Airlines in April 2012 with inflight internet access among the attractions, a report said on Tuesday. Scoot Airways had no immediate comment on the details of the times story, which said the new carrier would be called Scoot . The source revealed that scoot airways will start off with just one Boeing 777-200 before increasing its fleet to four aircraft or plane within three months and 14 planes by mid-2016. Scoot airways is expected to serve destinations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United States and North Asia.

The Times revealed Scoot Airways planned to charge passengers for using wi-fi services to access the internet via laptops, tablet computers and smartphones. It also revealed that scoot airways was considering the feasibility of renting out portable devices for inflight entertainment. They are still in the initial stage of set up of our their operations and still working on building up the Scoot Airways. The new carrier is expectedly exploring various arrangements in the effort to expand it's destination network in Asia.

Singapore Air announced in May that it will launch a fully-owned but independently managed low budget airways using wide bodied, double aisle jets to fly medium and longhaul routes within one year plane ticket operation. The newly "scoot" airways is expected to compete directly with AirAsiaX, the long haul affiliate of Malaysian airways low budget airline AirAsia and British tycoon Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Malindo Airlines AirAsia X travels to several international or overseas destinations including Tianjin, Sydney, London, Taipei, Tehran, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo and a number of cities in China and India. Singapore Airways already has a short-haul, full-service unit called Silk Air, which travels to tourist destinations in Asia and has a stake in Asian budget carrier Tiger Airways. Scoot Airlines will also offer last minute flights to China, Honk Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Guangzhou and Xiamen.

Scoot highlights:*To to partner with Virgin Australia to boost networking *Long route low cost carrier Nokscoot is looking at starting its first service towards Japan with Tokyo Narita being the carriers first destination from December. *Scoot airways is currently using Boeing 777s to fly to Australia and just started rolling out new destinations to China (Nanjing) and Korea (Seoul). The big boss and CEO of Scoot mentioned the carrier was comfortable but not content with its regular flights into Sydney and the Gold Coast but would like to expand its network to other cities in Australia. Statistic were revealed from Sydney airport that travellers were spending on average $2600 while in Australia, thus contributing $165 million to the NSW economy of Australia. Scoot Airways will also launch flights to Seoul Korea in June this year.

Scoot could face tough competition from Lion Air's Malindo airlines which is planned to launch in March this year. 2013 is the year of LCC'S popping up across Asia. This is only a good thing for consumers. Lion Air is so hungry for market share that it plans to launch another airline in May called Batik. Malindo and Batik Air combined will cover short, medium and long haul operations, stiffing up the competition. Will scoot survive? sure they will, the "Asian Market" is big enough that everyone can get a piece of the pie.

Update: Scoot Airways has won an award for the best LLC of the year as well as an award for the best CEO. Since the carriers inaugural flight in November 2011, Scoot Aiways has risen into an major player in the market that currently has over 301 employees and is continuously expanding their fleet of 4 402-seat Boeing 777-200s which loads an average load of 81% across its fast-expanding network of 9 routes. Since the inaugural flight the passenger numbers have grown close to a million. Way to go Scoot!. On another note, because of saftey risks posed by the new dreamliner Boeing 787 (which has floors caused by battery fires), all 787's are grounded globally. This problematic for scoot as it it has ordered 20 dreamliner planes and unless the issue in these floors are sorted out and the global ban on dreamliners 787 are lifted, scoot's growth could be stagnated. Scoot is relying heavily on the dreamliners to expand routes and destinations.

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