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Scoot Airways to partner with Virgin Australia to boost networking. Low-cost budget airliner Scoot has expanded its Australian local network through a partnership with Virgin Australia.

The Singapore carrier Scoot mentioned on Tuesday that passengers on it's services to Australia (Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney and, from November, Melbourne) were now able to buy flight tickets that included connections on Virgin-operated flights to 8 new Virgin-operated destination routes were Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns, Hobart, Launceston,
Melbourne and Uluru.

While Scoot airways partners with Tiger airlines at Singapore hub, promoting transfer traffic between the two airliners and selling seats on each other's flights, a Scoot spokesperson mentioned the carrier had "no arrangement" with Tigerair Australia.

In addition to being the 100 percent parent owner of Scoot Airways, Singapore Air holds a little over 20.1 % of Virgin and is a majority shareholder of Tiger airways Singapore. Virgin air has recently completed a full takeover of Tigerair Australia.

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